Broederij Munsterhuis is een zelfstandig familiebedrijf met een schat aan ervaring. Door het hele proces zelf te regelen houden wij grip op kwaliteit.

The chick chain

Breeding, breeders, propagators, broiler chickens and slaughter houses are part of the chick chain. Feed manufacturers and vets also play an important role in the success and optimal return of our chicks. As a hatchery we play an important role in this chain. It is…


Transport (en)

We use our own trucks to transport the day-old chicks to our customers. The temperature and CO2 can be adjusted to optimal levels during transportation. Our modern fleet and our certified drivers guarantee optimal transport conditions for our pre-hatched eggs and day-old chicks. Our own…


The Breeding process

Most Dutch people eat chicken every now and then, but where does this delicious meat actually comes from? At Kuikenbroederij Munsterhuis the chick comes from the egg, but this entails a detailed process for this to occur. First, the fertile eggs are collected from the…