The Breeding process

Most Dutch people eat chicken every now and then, but where does this delicious meat actually comes from? At Kuikenbroederij Munsterhuis the chick comes from the egg, but this entails a detailed process for this to occur. First, the fertile eggs are collected from the laying house. This is where the chickens lay their eggs. On arriving at our place, the eggs are slid onto special pre-hatching trolleys in which they are disinfected.

The pre-hatching trolleys are then placed in a setter machine. The eggs lie there for 18 days and are turned over every hour to enable an optimal breeding process. After the pre-hatching process the fertilised eggs are separated from the unfertilised eggs and transferred to special hatching trays. The hatching trays are then placed in the hatching machines. The setter machines and hatching machines are completely computerised. A constant temperature, the amount of fresh air, the CO2 level and the humidity play an important role in the optimisation of the process. The entire breeding process is checked and monitored 24/7 by the people in our smart centre.